Wammu and Gammu Documentation

The best user documentation for Gammu comes in The Gammu Manual. It covers all aspects from installing Gammu, configuring it, running the programs up to SMSD documentation and C or Python API.

You can also download documentation in PDF:

For checking support of some phone model, the best source is Gammu Phone Database which contains user experiences with Gammu and different phone models.

If you still have some questions, please check Frequently Asked Questions before asking on the mailing list.

Developer Documentation

The developer documentation is included in The Gammu Manual. You can find there documentation for Python API, libGammu C API or internal API.

As a developer, you might be also interested what is planned to happen in the next Gammu and Wammu releases, you can find this information in the roadmap.

Additional hints about protocols can be found in docs/develop in Gammu sources or you might want to use the Git repository with various GSM documentation.