Vodafone K3565

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This is a HSDPA USB Stick. It is detected as a Huawei E160X which has been set up for Vodafone. The Data port is /dev/ttyUSB0 and Wammu can use /dev/ttyUSB1 at the same time to send and receive SMS messages. It was sold in the UK locked to the UK vodafone network with a Data SIM which can receive but not send SMS messages. It can use other PAYG Vodafone UK SIMS but not other countries SIMS unless an unlock code is provided by Vodafone UK (free after 12 months). Variants for other countries were/are probably available. It should not be confused with the 3565-Z which is manufactured by ZTE.

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Created by Peter Curtis on 9 avril 2010 22:32.

Tested with Gammu 1.22.1.

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